My Portfolio, A Brief Overview
Just finished up my newest video covering my portfolio, each position, and how I pick the companies I invest in. Now I can get working on the September Idea Comp.

Also big shoutout to Commonstock for the redesigned portfolio image. I think it looks amazing. So amazing it is the basis for the thumbnail of the video

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If you want that dive into my thinking you can check out the video here:
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CVS ❤️❤️. I am a fan of PayPal I’m glad you own it I just fell in love with another fintech company Fiserv so I don’t own them but like your portfolio otherwise
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Really enjoyed this video. You mention your exposure to the Japanese market through an ETF. What were the different factors you considered when choosing your final pick ?
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@joeyhirendernath I actually made an entirely seperate video on why I think Japan will be a good investment over the next few years but that video is kind of old now.

Talking about the ETF itself I think it makes the most sense for someone looking for exposure to Japan.

The actual index it tracks is those of dividend paying companies that are also heavy exporters. This makes sense because of Japans heavy reliance on exports. Also the old way of doing business is going away in Japan, this means things like cross-shareholder ownership and having a companies entire market cap in cash are becoming less common. This has lead to an increase in dividends as well as share buybacks overall.

Another big factor that no other Japan ETF has is Currency Hedging which I mention in the video above. Its also one of the big reasons why $DXJ has outperformed the US indexes this year. If currency fluctuations can be mitigated that's one less thing to worry about investing internationally. You can compare the two largest Japanese ETFs $EWJ -23% YTD and $DXJ +3% YTD and you will notice a massive difference in performance.

And this is not even getting into the massive tech revolution thats coming out of Japan which is covered quite well by @willschoebs on twitter.

Again while it is a little old much of my reasoning for investing in Japan holds up in this video:
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watched the video and was very impressed. hit follow because I want to track your progress!
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Appreciate the love for the new shareables :) Eng will love that.
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@dollarsandsense are there any specific portfolio-level metrics you like to track? Great video. I like your narration, by the way!
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@tomato thank you, I do not seem to understand your question however? what do you mean.
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Hi @dollarsandsense, by portfolio-level metric I mean things like turnover rate, average holding time for a stock, average P/S or P/E ratio of a holding. I'm curious if you track any of those?