Monday (MNDY) results
This results caught my eye another quarter straight. Monday is a company in an apparently very competitive landscape, but it continues to deliver as best in class.

Revenue was 136.9M, up 65% YoY
Customers with 50k+ in ARR grew 116%
NDRR was over 120%
NDRR for 50k+ customers was over 145%
Operating loss was 28M
Net loss of 23M
FCF was 15M, an 11% margin


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Management is getting more efficient, improving profitability
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Retention rate keeps strong, with big customers having the largest NDRR, which gets to show the stickiness and value of Monday's product.
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Lastly, on the conference call, management said something really insightful regarding competition:
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@giuliano_mana Thanks for sharing! Good company.
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what do you think gives them any competitive advantage? Switching costs maybe?
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@ccm_brett Switching costs is almost inherent to any of this SaaS companies, Monday could benefit from it. However, I have not yet done a proper deep dive in the company, so can't tell for sure. Just wanted to post that the company continues to deliver and execute, according to their 2022 results. This is a mere interpretation based on Monday's YTD financial performance.