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Perfect example of how framing is everything.

The news you consume certainly affects your behavior in the market.

Hold what you believe in, for as long as you can. The whirlwinds of negativity don’t have to be true — or don’t have to be true forever.
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Such a great picture to illustrate your point. The media relies on sensationalism and fear mongering. Headlines feature an over-exaggerated display of events to get a scollers attention. With the right wording, the most mundane thing can be blown out of proportion....Reporting on the economy and the stock market suffers from the same evils. As you rightly highlighted hold what you have researched and believe in.
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I like Wall Street Journal's framing here more, as the deceleration seems to matter more. But great juxtaposition right here with the headlines.
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Financial media…


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Everything ends at some point. Everything.



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