Ended up selling $FVRR for +45%.
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Do plan to reallocate your gains to another position or do you prefer to wait a little before you decide?
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@joeyhirendernath I’ll be opportunistic with the positions I want to own more of and deem attractive :)
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Nice trade!
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What led you to sell? Seems like great timing on this one! I've held $FVRR for a while and wish I could say I were down only 45%...
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@tomato well we got new numbers from their guidance and they were largely disappointing to me. Plugging them into my model, I can see upside, but much more substantial downside at this price, and so I don’t consider this a compelling r/r opportunity here. Also, I’m suspecting Airbnb will be entering the space, and I fundamentally think Fiverr would play from a much tougher spot in that case.
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@sammeciar Thanks for the reply! The bit about $ABNB is especially interesting. There's definitely a lot of optionality there.
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That's a good looking trade!
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