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Top investors this month
Trending Assets
Top investors this month
Dividend Dollars Portfolio Update!
🛍 Buys: $BAC, $O, $SMHB

💰 Sells: $URNM

💲 Divvies: $HLNE, $IBP

Full portfolio is below

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I’ve earned $821 in dividends since starting in September 2021.
My PADI increased from $641 to $663 this week.
Slow and steady wins the race!

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I allocate a portion of my capital to swing trading under Richard Dennis’ trend following strategy.
Our stop on $URNM was hit this week, solidifying our largest win under this strategy yet with a 15% gain!
Now we wait till the nextopportunity comes up.

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My brokerage account is linked to Commonstock, so you should be able to see all my trades in real time.
But if you ever want an explanation for my moves, or if you ever missed a step, it'll be caught on my weekly article.
I write every weekend & have documented every move for the past 2 years. You can catch the most recent article below.
Dividend Dollars
Dividend Portfolio: 10/6/23 Weekly Update
Weekly update on a long-term dividend growth portfolio from a young investor to show you how I’m investing to reach financial independence! Lots of moves to discuss this week! To date the portfolio is down 1.04% and is beating SPY by 2.62% with annual dividend income of $663!

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