Added to my $ESTC position

Thesis: Data is growing @ exponential rate. Over last 2 yrs alone, astonishingly 90% of 🌎’s data has been created (IORG). exponential growth will continue. IDC forecasts that there will be 10X increase in the amount of data on the planet by 2025.

To navigate and make sense of all this data, search becomes more important than ever. But, search is much more than just the search box. In the case of $ESTC it's a platform to build solutions on and Elastic offers the best for developers and IT to build upon:

Walmart uses $ESTC to prevent gift card fraud

Tinder uses Elastic to create love connections

Uber uses Elastic to match drivers and passengers in real time, and power surge pricing

Adobe uses Elastic to power search in its products

In recent years, $ESTC expanded their stack to add observability & security on a single, unified experience & pricing model. There is upside ahead with Elastic's move to the cloud, cross-sell and upsell green space, and solution optionality.

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