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I agree there is less “magic” around it but Apple being Apple.. the best move they ever did was convince the carriers like $T $VZ $TMUS to buy the devices for you. I’m on $T’s plan and they don’t really even let you own it anymore it’s more like a lease. So I’ll probably get the new one in a few months when my renewal rolls around. Brilliant strategy in my opinion.
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@strib yeah they figured out how to make a $1k phone affordable.
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@fatbaby I’m kinda a son of a bitch about it lol I don’t use cases anymore. I don’t own the phone and my plan comes with protection lol if they want me to use a case they can give me one. Otherwise it may come back a bit beat up but hey not my phone not my problem.. they just hand me another one!
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"That’s a big part of the problem in a nutshell: The system erected around annual upgrades means that many, many people buy the iPhone and then live their life quite literally indebted to Apple..." eye-opening quote