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Just read in the WSJ that individual investors are still scooping up shares of $TSLA. According to Vanda Research, daily net purchases of the EV car manufacturer's stock reached $300mn in 2023.
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While a trial about Musk tweets' impact on the company's stock price just started and the billionaire himself has offloaded $TSLA stock in 2022, selling nearly $4bn of his own shares to finance the deal to buy $TWTR, retail investors seem to keep "buying the dip" even after deliveries recently missed guidance.

We do not cover $TSLA and the company has not clearly the profile we are looking for potential inclusion to our portfolio but is there any of these buyers here on the platform?

Whether you are bullish/bearish on TSLA, we'd love to hear the reason why in a comment!
What is your sentiment on $TSLA
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This shareholder base is truly special/unique. That can be amazing (Berkshire) but it more often scares me (Peloton, Tesla, et al)



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