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Pleased about $LMND Q
I bought $LMND last year at $32 a share, so yes... I am underwater heavily.
I am thinking that after this quarter I might start to add to it, in order to decrease my cost basis.
I would be buying at a P/S of roughly 3.5 compared to close to 5 when I bought last year.


Love this from the letter: "It’s in vogue to talk-up AI in earnings calls, though for Lemonade the power of AI and chatbots isn’t a recent revelation - it’s the foundation upon which our company was founded"

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Steve Matt
@interrobangbrosMay 4
I see your $32/sh and raise you a $53/sh cost basis 😖

Edit: I clearly bought at nose bleed valuations but I’m not selling. I still believe in the company, still very bullish on their future.
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Alberto Sigismondi
@asigismo1974May 4Author
100% I am a customer myself as well as my daughter and we are delighted with the service.
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@rpinvestmentsMay 4
I’m at 37 a share. It’s all fine. You’ll never pick the bottom. $LMND AI chat bot insurance is
the future
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Joshua Simka
@tomatoMay 5
Profitability is a long way off for $LMND though the top line growth looks good. I would continue to track what management has to say about the losses and track the bottom line and if things are moving in the right direction, consider making small additions to your position along the way. Given that you're "underwater heavily," no need to back up the truck! That's my $0.02!
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