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$10.1m follower assets
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Question is how much they've gotten paid by sponsors to own Bitcoin.
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@irish probably a substantial amount, but hopefully that was in real dollars and not more crypto
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@irish This is very important. People knocked OBJ for "losing" a lot of his BTC when he had an endorsement deal with getting paid X amount of his salary in bitcoin, but the cash he got from the endorsement itself heavily offset the losses and just wasn't even discussed by the "told you so!" crowd that tried to dunk on the concept. Loudest critics typically never had any skin in the game, which isn't exclusive to bitcoin by any stretch.
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@irish good point. I’m sure none of these people are hurting financially by any stretch of the imagination.
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So Tom Brady got away safe with it?
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I feel for the younger guys like Trevor Lawrence and Saquon that are making this decision on their rookie deals.

OBJ, Okung and Igoudala have made a lot of other money in their careers and have hopefully taken care of it.

Would also be interesting to see how much of their salary they took in crypto
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@scorebdinvestor that’s my biggest takeaway too — the rookie’s didn’t have the benefit of massive, guaranteed deals.
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Damn lol