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Sold my position in Palantir today. I have a lot of reasons for it that I believe are legitimate, but at the end of the day, I felt like I broke two of my rules when I bought the stock in the first place.

1) I don't really understand the business. I like what I read - the research I did before buying led me down what I believe was a stable path. But all told, I sold myself a story I didn't intimately understand about a cyber security/mass data company. Basically, I bought it because I thought the stock would go up in the future. That isn't/shouldn't be good enough. I made a tiny profit by getting out when I did this morning.

2) Co-founder Peter Thiel is the antithesis of everything I believe the head of a company should be. He's probably a genius, of this I have no doubt. But I don't trust him - and I don't want to make money based on his whims. Besides my disagreement with his politics, his latest crypto pump and dump shows he's solely interested in his own wallet -- to the detriment of those who allow him to use their capital to fund other ventures.

Posting this to keep myself honest and to be transparent of my own foibles. I didn't lose money, and I wasn't in the stock very long, but I try to follow Peter Lynch's advice of only investing in what I know. Here's hoping I got better at that today.
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Based on the reasons you lay out, it sounds like $PLTR isn't a fit for your portfolio. Well done coming to your own conviction on the company and acting on it. Better late than never! The path isn't linear.
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Appreciate the candour here. Fair play for being honest with yourself!
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Great reflection, and nice to hear that there was a silver lining that you were able to exit with a small profit.
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Also, what was the crypto pump and dump that Peter Thiel was involved with? I hadn't heard about that.
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@nathanworden Oh maybe that he sold out of all the bitcoin he had— looks like he sold the top on BTC

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@jtp Ah got it, thank you!
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The second point intrigues me. Many of the Palantir bulls obsess more with Alex Karp.



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