Roku sell off
Thoughts on starting a roku position at early 2019 levels? Roku does seem to be on sale here. I don’t find them to be a “innovative” company but I do consistently use them and would love some input on your guys opinions
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I hold but I would not add until I see some improvements. Yes their platform is great (UX UI wise) but also for ads. Unfortunately, due to macro, they got hit harder than the likes of Amazon, Google, etc..

But later this year with mid terms, political ads could help them and they did mention that they had a record $1billion in upfront deals
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@couch_investor going to see price action the first few days next week and see how the market digests. Might start very small and accumulate, thanks for the insight!
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I saw @dissectmarkets share a memo about roku earlier today, might be useful to you!
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@investmenttalk thank you for spreading the word!