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Recession Upon Us…
I’m not one to be super negative or bearish all the time but something happened last week that made me realize something and I think once big tech reports this week we will see the same. Has anyone looked at the AT&T earnings news last week?? Even tho the markers aren’t saying we are in a recession that’s the consensus from most people on Wall Street. But something I saw that’s really concerning is that AT&T legit said in the report they can’t get people to pay their phone bills. This is the leader in cellular service saying people aren’t paying there phone bill. 1 billion dollars is supposedly the number they lost out on from this past quarter. Earnings also finally slowing a slow growth. Financials last week were basically terrible, big tech will show the same thing especially with the strong dollar. It’s the start of something here…not telling you how to invest or what names to do but that AT&T report made me realize this.
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That's a lot of people missing their phone payment.

Start thinking about what people will stop paying for first 🫣
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Yep that was a huge red flag. This will be a very telling week. Not very optimistic.
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I like to look at consumer credit debt and spending habits ebb and flow and it is definitely of concern to me.