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Microsoft Bing: A forgotten (not anymore I guess) $10B+ business
Search Advertising is a very lucrative market.

People had forgotten about Bing before ChatGPT made it cool again.

However, even so, it made >$10B in revenue which makes it larger than most social media companies except FB

Now with OpenAI integration, how much further will Bing go?

Every share point increase can mean serious $ billions.

And Google is playing defense here with much more to lose than Microsoft.

Very interesting setup in the industry in the coming few years.
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How many people do you know who have made Bing their default search engine since the GPT integration?
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@tomato +1 here... but to be honest I was Bing lover from day 1.. I switched to google couple of years ago, and now im back on Bing!
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Microsoft have the best revenue/profit diversification among all Tech stocks. LinkedIn, Bing and Gaming are not bad at all.
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@stock.owl Agree. I guess part of the reason their multiple is so much higher than Google's
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Thought to be fair over 90% of Bings revenue comes from desktop search (probably because its is a default install on some computers and people didn't notice it's not Google).
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@rihardjarc Yep its mostly desktop market share driving that.

In Desktop, Bing has 8.6% share vs. <1% in Mobile (acc to stat counter)
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@rihardjarc I think that, finally, MSFT has a browser competing well with chrome; Edge is well done and fast, and I consider it my default one on some PC, while I also keep it chrome on board. Before, people using IE were just people unable to switch to chrome/firefox.. while now people choose Edge consciously
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@stock.owl Interesting. I don't really see a lot of people switching from Chrome, in fact none so far. I think once the era of "save my password" in a browser started it's much harder to switch browsers. People are in essence lazy and want their life to be easier not harder. But looking forward to see the coming data.
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@rihardjarc maybe I am one of the few, and anyway I use third party password manager so no problem with that :)))) For example I use edge for work profile and chrome for "personal" profile...
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@stock.owl Ah yeah the 3rd party password manager might be the key ;)
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Bing was still making $10B in revenue?? Wow... who was using Bing?
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nice take, thanks!
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@maverickresearch Glad you liked it



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