Scoreboard Buy of the Week
I was over my 2% cash target in my Taxable account at the end of last week, so I made another routine buy this week. Below are the details:

Ticker: $ABBV
Account: Taxable
Date: 1/17/2023
Qty: 1 share
Price: $153.17
Avg Cost Basis: $134.20
Div Yield: 3.8%
Yield on Cost: 4.2%
Div/FCF: 45.36%
EPS: $7.51
P/E: 19.87

Scorecard: 5/6
  • vs S&P - Current price is higher than average cost basis (+11.2%), but not outperforming market, +0.5

  • FCF - Dividend Payout is less than 50% of FCF (45.4%), +1

  • Conviction - High, has been one of my best performers and a large number of patents, +1

  • Dividend Yield - 3.8% yield is higher than my portfolio average of 2.7%, but not in top 5% of >5% 0.5

  • Weighting - Sector Weighting (8.2%) and Holding Weighting (3.6%) are both less than targets of 8.5% and 4.25%, +1

  • P/E - 19.8 is less than 25, +1

PADI increased from $462.11 to $467.75 with this buy

Some other notes:
  • $ABBV up to #5 weighted holding in my Taxable account
  • Healthcare Sector and $ABBV weighting targets both met with buy
  • This is the 5th time I have purchased $ABBV, and 4th time in the past 12 months

Since my weighting targets have been met with this buy, $ABBV now drops in my Scorecard to a 4/6. We will have a new Scorecard leader this week. As of now, $T, $CARR and $PEP are tied for the top spot. We will see how things shake out tomorrow and I'll make my buy decision for next week over the weekend.
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Any concerns about the patent expiration this year of Humira? Isn't it one of AbbVie's top-selling drugs?
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@tomato they have done a good job of growing Skyrizi and Rinvoq to replace potential loss of sales from the expiring patent cliff. Their continued investment in R&D as well gives me confidence there will be more in the pipeline.

Check out Dividend Wave on Twitter. He has put out some good content on $ABBV recently
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Great update!



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