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So Berkshire Hathaway has class B shares. This might be weird to say but I didn’t know this at all. I’ve always wanted to own class A but it’s so expensive. Getting into class B will be my goal. Thanks so much to @ifb_podcast for helping point it out. Warren is my favorite investor in the world and I’d love to own his stock. Also thinking of owning some SCHD, I want more dividend income coming in without having to own every single company that’s in SCHD. Like LMT and Home Depot long term and this is some of the top positions in SCHD. Also Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy it with your family and friends. Love to you all!
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Ha ha ha ... I love the understatement "I’ve always wanted to own class A but it’s so expensive"
Definitely pricey at USD $477,020 per share.
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@jazziyoung lol seriously tho, I respect Warren so much and always admired how he handles his portfolio. I always wanted to own his stock but I knew class A was out of my price range. I never looked into him having a class B. I’m honestly so excited that he does have one though. One of my favorite things I might invest in the future probably will invest actually lol
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Christian, in Buffett's 1996 letter you can read in his words about the creation of the B shares.

Additionally, we made two good-sized offerings through Salomon, both
with interesting aspects. The first was our sale in May of 517,500
shares of Class B Common, which generated net proceeds of $565 million.
As I have told you before, we made this sale in response to the
threatened creation of unit trusts that would have marketed themselves as
Berkshire look-alikes. In the process, they would have used our past,
and definitely nonrepeatable, record to entice naive small investors and
would have charged these innocents high fees and commissions.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Glad I could help 😂😂