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Invest like Elon Musk $PL
Elon Musk's below tweet has generated over 1M likes so far. I honestly love it. Investing in a company you believe in is a great idea. It gives you confidence in your investment when things are not going well and you should know the company better than a company you're not familiar with.

So what companies does Elon Musk follow on $TWTR?

Besides the companies Elon has founded, Planet is the only publicly traded company Elon Musk follows.

According to Google "Planet is a leading provider of geospatial data for use in agriculture, government, and commercial mapping, and is seeing customer growth in new markets such as insurance, commodities, and finance."

You might be saying, but Elon says invest in what YOU believe in. That's why I probably won't invest in $PL myself, but if it's good enough for a genius maybe it's good enough for me.

Would you invest in $PL? If you would, please let me know why!
Would you invest in $PL right now?
16%Yes! Already invested
33%No, this company is trash
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Tagging @growthinvesting @farm and @patwallen as I know that as holders of $PL they will be able to provide valuable insight
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How would you explain a company ambitious enough to be
called Planet?