Micro & Small Caps
Are micro & small caps making a lasting comeback? Since the June "bottom" (bottom so far) some have done phenomenally well. I don't know what's to come, but each of these companies has earned my doubling, tripling and quadrupling down:

*Not advice * I own a sizeable % of each in my own portfolio.
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Been experiencing the same in my portfolio. $MVIS reports earnings today, excited to hear some updates!
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@dbudd I'm not familiar with $MVIS -- what do you like about them?
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@eweiner so I’m huge on the autonomous vehicle space. Ultimately see LIDAR playing a necessary role (see Tesla’s recent crash reports) where it is the sensor transmitting data to systems like Nvidia’s DRIVE platform. The reason I chose to invest so heavily in Microvision is because LIDAR uses MEMS as its light engine, and Microvision developed the MEMS currently being used in Microsoft Hololens. They have 400+ patents protecting their tech, and have repurposed it to be used as the engine for their LIDAR system. Development stage company, but just read they’re starting to sell sample units for OEMs to test. Many automakers are targeting 2025-26 to be first scaled production of L3 autonomy vehicles, so deals will need to be made in the next year or two.
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@dbudd I can tell you've done your research, awesome stuff. LIDAR got a lot of hype back in 2020 and early '21 with 3 VC-backed companies going public (velo, aeva and luminar) that I'm aware of. Does that concern you at all, or does $MVIS have the IP and partnerships to stay ahead?
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@eweiner there aren’t many industries where a monopoly can exist. I believe there will be multiple winners in the space, and I’d say the three companies selected by fka GmbH for the LIDAR Standards Consortium (Microvision, Innoviz, and Luminar) would be my picks as the future market leaders. Should note that Daimler Truck, Ford, and Project Hi-Drive are also partners included in this effort.
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Only one if my small caps is doing well, up 100% this year.

The other two small/micros are down 22% and …. 65%
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@investmenttalk YTD these are all doing terrible lol. But since June, they're making comebacks. If the companies are performing well, and I can get them at cheaper prices, I'll take it :)