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Ecuador: Latest on Lasso
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The President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, did not commit the alleged crime of embezzlement established in paragraph 2 of article 129 of the Constitution, therefore, the political prosecution of the president is not recommended.

That is the recommendation made in the draft reasoned report presented by the president of the Oversight Commission, Fernando Villavicencio, regarding the request for impeachment raised by four legislators of the Union for Hope (UNES), Social Christian Party (PSC) and two allies, who accused the president of an alleged crime of embezzlement in the signing of an oil transport contract between Flopec EP.

After the contributions and appearances within the action of evidence, it was found that there was no conclusion of said contract in the period of President Guillermo Lasso's administration, says the draft report contained in 278 pages that includes the substantial part of the admissibility opinion of the Constitutional Court on the request for trial, testimonies and documentation provided in the process.
Informe borrador no recomienda el enjuiciamiento político al presidente Guillermo Lasso Mendoza | Política | Noticias | El Universo
Este informe será incorporado en la convocatoria que realizará hoy el presidente de la Comisión de Fiscalización para la reunión del 6 de mayo.

Porchester 🔺's avatar
Porchester 🔺
@porchesterMay 7
Seems like this report was not passed and the impeachment decision will still go to the assembly! This situation is so up and down I struggle to keep up!
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@jennymanydotsMay 7Author
@porchester I do as well, Porchester. I just returned to post that update and saw your comment...from what I understand, Lasso's most likely replacement is pro-mining but that was only through word-of-mouth. I am looking for some solid proof of that, but Lasso could end up staying as well. Hopefully the end result will be good for industry as well as Ecuadorians!
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