Twilio ($TWLO): The Pendulum Swings Both Ways
Hi all! I published my first Substack post this morning, a deep dive into Twilio.

"I believe Twilio is a high-quality business that offers a large short-term dislocation and a long-term opportunity at current prices. While the market was only concerned with revenue growth in 2020-2021 and GAAP profits/dilution now, what ultimately drives long-run stock prices is free cash flow per share, of which the company is poised to produce in spades for many years."

Here are some highlights:
  • 122% dollar-based net expansion
  • Mission critical and very sticky
  • Category-defining product and dominant market position
  • Nearly a $2 billion in gross profit run rate
  • Will begin to produce FCF in Q1 (my est.) with massive operating leverage ahead

Despite the stock price being in an extended tailspin, this is a business that is continuing to get stronger and is likely to produce exceptional returns for shareholders. I am long $TWLO and added to my position on today's weakness.

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Benjamin Tan's avatar
Great write-up! Did not realize that Lawson's super voting rights were expiring next year. Agree that a buyout would cap returns (and a real shame to long term shareholders). Been long since 2019 and following the company closely. I went to their Signal conference back in 2019! Have subscribed to your Substack - cheers!
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@consumeowntech Glad you liked it, thank you! The opportunity here is just incredible, imo. I really hope it stays public too!
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Wonder if $TWLO will reign in those costs now given how much they have grown, that Lawson super voting rights are expiring and that macro environment favores layoffs, specially in tech.
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@rihardjarc I think Lawson would view the market opportunity ahead as too large to slow down investment. On a podcast with Jason Calacanis from several years ago, Lawson illustrated the hardware stack shift from on-prem to cloud and believes the same could be done for communications hardware like routers, modems, etc. He is thinking 10 steps ahead. But I do think he sees activists coming and committing to positive FCF in ‘23 (and the 11% layoff) is an attempt to stave them off.
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@rahulsetty good point. Although the stock has really been hit hard wonder what the priorities are now.
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@rihardjarc to be honest, the margin expansion plan they laid out (100-300 bps/yr for 3-5 yes) is very slow compared to what this biz is capable of. if they just buy back a ton of stock they can have their cake and eat it too