$16.6m follower assets
~ 1 year of trades against QQQ.
I need to incorporate more stability to my portfolio. How did you do for 2022?
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Better than it felt. And already surprising good start to the year. Me vs S&P
@rpinvestments very good given the challenges
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Very impressive!
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I don't have the data from CS (UK brokerage) but I didn't make many trades last year. A handful of new buys, more buys of existing positions, and 1-2 sells.

You've been busy which is awesome! Would be nice to be able to filter down these chart visuals to specific securities.
@investmenttalk i need to be making some adjustments this year to the US counters last year is the first year where i dabble more with IS markets bcos our local market is slower. But my local did better as i added more for div and trimmed some.



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