$UBER and $LYFT price notes

Quarterly returns:

  • Negative for both companies for the past 4 quarters
  • Q2 2022 (in progress / incomplete) doesn't look like much will change

Quarterly returns (interactive)
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@toasty_trading @brad @yungwrld77 have added to $UBER in the past couple days. I'd be interested to hear their bull case and what's encouraging them?
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@tomato they are planning to add planes, trains, buses and rental cars to their UK app. Travel super app. Could be interesting if successful. Plus Uber Eats and Uber Freight. There’s options for their platform.
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@tomato Its a very very long term play for me, so a combination of liking this valuation and really really liked everything I heard on their latest earnings call. The ball is moving in the right direction.
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Really interesting to have a comparison post between $LYFT and $UBER. Which one do you hold a position in?