Latest Landa Investment
I'm Continuing to add shares on the Landa app as well. Added an additional 2 shares of "8653 Ashley Way" today. My Landa portfolio is now up to 68 rental shares across 10 properties.

8653 Ashley Way

Landa makes it easy to be a landlord, join Landa here -
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Love it. I was going to wait to round out my crypto accounts but you teasing me with new properties daily is expediting my plans🤣
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@wall_street_deebo - haha, don’t mean to tease! 😉
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Hey, I'm the CEO of Landa - feel free to ask me anything
I've never heard of Commonstock before and I'm new here - I love this community!
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@yishai - hey, you do get around 😉

Facebook, Reddit, Discord and now Commonstock 🤟
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@yishai Hi! I actually emailed your customer support team. OPs referral code isn’t working for me. I’ve been getting an error. Just waiting for resolution so I can finish enrolling and OP gets the referral credit!
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This is such a cool concept. How did you get into this and why Landa specifically?
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@django_brooks - great question, I originally found Landa in my Facebook feed of all places.

I was already a Groundfloor investor so Landa was a logical progression from debt financing to ownership.

Then researching Landa led me to a few others, while @stock.owl introduced me to Lofty.

I’m fascinated by fintech and crowdfunding so I tend to download and checkout a lot of the apps.

Currently I’m invested in Landa, Lofty, Groundfloor & Concreit - seeing which app I prefer, which has better returns &etc.
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Looks interesting! Do you get any type of rent/dividend or is this just about equity growth?
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@asigismo1974 - with Landa rents are paid out monthly and there is the potential for appreciation as well
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I had never heard of Landa before. Thanks to this post, I did some DD and have decided to sign up. They have a "Referred by a friend?" option when signing up. If you want to share you referral code, I'll put you down and we both get "a gift of a free share in a property" when I make my deposit. Let me know! I'll hold off on completing enrollment to give you a chance to see this comment.

Edit: Just noticed you have your code in your post haha will enter it now!
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Bought my first couple pieces of Landa properties last night. Till says processing. Hopefully more will be available soon.
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@wall_street_deebo - it can take a few days to process. One thing to know is that there are two ways to buy property. One is property with available shares, the other is off the market. Buying off the market requires a buyer and seller to be matched and takes longer while property with available shares is much quicker.

I recommend joining the Facebook group, lots of good info and very helpful.