Bed Bath and Beyond Sanity
It seems like it has finally happened. Bed Bath and Beyond will look to seek bankruptcy protection in the coming weeks citing poor sales and an inability to compete in a tough market.
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Some of you may know that I held shares in the company for quite a while. I believed the turnaround story and thought the new CEO would actually work to make the company better. Unfortunately, it became apparent that this was not the case and instead the vast majority of the capital was spent on buybacks and not improvements.

This ultimately led to me sell my shares in August of this past year. Since then it seems the company has crashed downhill suffering everything from suppliers withholding shipments because of $BBBYS inability to pay them to Tritton being ousted as CEO. Since I sold shares have fallen an astounding 82%, this being again only 4 months ago.

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Overall I think it's unfortunate to see the company struggle so much as I really did believe in it but ultimately they were unable to sustain the business.
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As a bondholder, I am very worried about the situation. Of course, when I bought the bond, I was fully aware of the high risk and prepared to lose money if bankruptcy went through.

I will stay at the window...
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Wow an 82% drop in four months, that is wild.
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Fortunate to have got away. I saw this tweet from VSG that resonated with me

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A creative title! Nice timing on your exit. Constantly verifying and being vigilant of red flags is the skill of a prudent investor.



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