Money Supply is declining at the fastest rate ever
@pranshu created an awesome data-visualization showing how money supply has increased over the decades. The rate of increase accelerated drastically at the start of the pandemic. But now money supply has started to contract.

A contraction seems normal after such a drastic increase, right? Wrong— very rarely in history has money supply EVER contracted. We really don't have any historical precedent for increasing the money supply by this much and then taking it away so quickly.

Please follow @pranshu for more great data visualizations like this.

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Check out Pranshu's original data visualization here— he coded the whole thing up by scratch and it looks awesome!

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And here's a direct link to Pranshu's site:
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Great video, Nathan!
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money vacuum go brrr...
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@theglobalcapitalist Honestly this is such a great meme... should be way more famous:

Credit to Edmund Simms @valuabl
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I'm very curious to know what the implications will be
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@darkfirexxi Same— it feels like money supply decreasing will add to the likelihood that "something breaks" in the economy, but I really have no idea.



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