Bought DDOG at open - $119 (Just before the markets capitulated, of course)
I previously had a small 1.5% position in Datadog, this top up makes it approximately a 4.5% position. DDOG reported before the bell and I was very impressed.

Revenue growth remained exceptionally high at 83% YOY and FCF of $129.9m from $363m of revenue, a FCF yield of 35%. Also a nice surprise of a GAAP profit $9.7m. Guidance for Q2 was fairly weak, but why wouldn't you give weak guidance in this environment.

I am not a technical trader, rather I try to be a long term investor. Therefore I don't have any idea where the market is going short term, but I do believe GAAP profitable and strong cash generative companies will lead in the next bull market for tech. I can see DDOG being part of that leading group, as and when tech is back in vogue.

The initial pre market reaction was for the stock to sell off 3-4% and I saw this as an opportunity, by the time the market opened it was level and I bought immediately. The wider market sold off immediately which instantly makes me feel a sense of regret for adding so quickly, however the fall is not related to the quarter and not related to DDOG individually. I bought the stock because I believe in the company long term. I have been waiting for 9 months or so since my initial starter position to top up at a better valuation, which I have done.
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Where art thou profile photo Matt?
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@investmenttalk give me a break, it took me 2 weeks of having an email in my inbox to even sign up to Commonstock
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@mb44 you must conform.


Jokes, appreciate you giving it a bash 💪🏼
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Well done taking the the long view and such a patient approach to topping up your initial position! 4.5% in $DDOG (in the ballpark of my personal allocation) is very respectable, I think! Also--welcome to Commonstock! Hope you like it here