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$6.5m follower assets
Current positioning into 2023
PA allocations (some include options) 1/6:

37.5% cash ( $XHLF & $SGOV )
13% $ALSN (+CCs)
10.1% $BTI
8.5% $PLBY
5.5% $DOLE
4.6% $EOG
3.8% $GRVY
3.7% $OSTK
2.5% $VTNR
2.1% $IMXI
1.8% $ATTO
1.5% $GOGO
1.2% $TTI
0.3% $PBR
~2% $AAPL+ $QQQ+ $SPY P
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Large cash position. Is this because you aren't seeing good opportunities or because you foresee better prices in the future?
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@thethinkinginvestor given risk free rates and the huge uncertainty around normalized earnings in many cases im happy to be patient
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One of the few remaining ALSN bulls. Respect.

Not sure if we've talked about it before, but I'm curious of your rationale for BTI and none of the rest of the nicotine basket?
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@devinlasarre I’d like PM for the right price,… I had SWMA. MO inferior to BTI IMO (at current valuations at least)
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@uberkikz11 I think BTI and MO are quite different in what they represent and each have compelling points. BTI certainly has wider range of potential outcomes, thus higher upside if execution goes accordingly.
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Still rocking $PLBY I see
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@investmenttalk still getting rocked



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