Revisiting Commonstock's July "Buy the Dip" Competition 6 Months Later
Six months ago, I built a portfolio to keep track of everyone's July Idea Competition picks and thought now is as good of a time as any to give a shoutout to the top picks so far.

With no further ado:
3-way tie for 5th - up roughly 25% since July 20th, 2022:

4th place - up 31%:

3rd place - up 47%:

2nd place - up 65%:

1st place - up 120%:
Congrats to everyone on the leaderboard, and thank you to everybody for their pitches and excellent insights! 🙏
Overall, the portfolio is up 4.4% since 7/20/22, beating the S&P 500 Index's Total Return of 1.7% over the same time.
I apologize if I missed anyone or did something odd (I am pretty confident I may have done just that).
Great job, everybody -- looking forward to seeing how things sit here in another six months.
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Love it!
Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
@valuabl It was fun to go back and revisit these after 6 months.

Great pick, Edmund 👍
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Congrats to everyone and especially to you who took the initiative to create this portfolio which beat the market 👌🏼
@asvid excellent pick (as of today) !
Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
@stockopine I’m impressed it snuck past the market performance wise considering the last year, especially as many are growthier names.

Happy to have a lot of overlap between this tracking portfolio and my holdings.
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Just started a position in $RICK. We’ll see if it can maintain this level of performance 👀
Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
@scorebdinvestor Love to hear that.

Still pretty reasonably valued even after a pretty good run.
Heavy Moat Investments's avatar
Awesome! $RICK has been a pleasent stock to hold since then!
Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
@stonkmetal Awesome pick 👍

Never had a clue it existed until you mentioned it on here. That’s the beauty of a strong community like this imo.
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This made my day, awesome post!

Can’t wait till the next one :)
Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
@investmenttalk Absolutely and happy to hear that 👍 it was fun to do.

Thank you guys and CS for putting on the competition.
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Great post and great initiative. Love it
Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
@slt_research Fun to do as an investing nerd 😂 and fun to highlight the leaders so far
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@joryko Agree, was doing pretty well with $LULU until December but still positive though.
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Congrats to the top performers, some really strong returns here.
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What a time to have been picking stocks! Good to see solid fundamentals and strong capital allocation at $RICK being rewarded by the market. I admit I would have passed on $CROX. (Isn't all fashion a fad?! I got burned on Under Armour and pat myself on the back for steering clear of Canada Goose.) But the important numbers here are moving in the right direction.

Image upload
Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
@tomato it’s amazing how much the price moves compared to the financials oftentimes.

Owned $UA too once upon a time 😞
Curious to see how the hey dude acquisition works out over time.
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$CROX really killed it.
Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
@rihardjarc ROIC and ROE are quite pretty.
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@joryko Indeed.
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Thanks guys!
Let's keep grinding this year, lots of interesting stuff to cover!
Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
@asvid absolutely 👍

Congrats on leading — wishing CROX had been about a 10% allocation for me 😂
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This is AWESOME! Thanks for ttracking @joryko!
Josh Kohn-Lindquist's avatar
@nathanworden thank you, Nathan 🙏

It was interesting revisiting the leading picks and seeing how the thesis for each held up so well.
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Fantastic to see where these ended up, thanks for tracking them. Look forward to the next one, do we know when it will be?
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Just you wait! My $ATVI play (3rd place in the comp btw 😤) will come lol
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This is great!



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