What’s the best franchise?
If you had to own a franchise, which would it be? I’ve always thought a Starbucks $SBUX would be a no brainer, but now I’m not so sure.

Would obviously help to see margins rather than just revenue per store.

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Starbucks or Greggs imo.
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@investmenttalk Just wait until Chick Fil A makes its invasion of the British Isles, I think you'll change your opinion
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@ccm_brett dude i am waiting, heard so many good things!
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Chick fil a no other comes close
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@from100kto1m pretty crazy it does about 14x the sales of the average Subway 😳
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@from100kto1m as a former restaurant person, I continue to be amazed at Chick fil A’s execution across the company along with the consistent quality of the food. Not easy to do.
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Wow. Great work Raising Canes. I used to eat at the original next to LSU when I was in college 20 years ago
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Chick Fil A. Not a debate to be had
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@ccm_brett is this because they have the best food out of all options or because franchise owners do very well financially?! Or both 😉
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@beaver_cap Haha I do not eat at Chick Fil A but they are just so well run (regardless of whether the food tastes good or not). Plenty of QSRs could learn from their efficiency
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Question for the Chick Fil A stans…have you felt quality has remained the same? Perhaps my experiences are anecdotal, but I feel like quality has dipped the last five years or so

Regardless, I’m going with $SBUX here!
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@jensen I haven't noticed any change in quality. Have you noticed the dip at a single location or across multiple?
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Chick-fil-A franchise terms are very specific though - the below article summarizes the quirks. They are almost just looking for general managers to run each outlet, versus a traditional franchisee...

Guessing they are not capital constraint, or in a hurry to expand fast?

Just had lunch there at The Dwarf House, the original Chick-fil-A in Georgia !

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McDonalds would be my second choice
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@tomato can’t go wrong with either of those I’m sure!



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