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YouTube plan to share ad dollars with creators
YouTube announced plans to share advertising sales (45%) with creators of Shorts who meet certain requirements (more than 10M views and 1000 subscribers). TikTok does similar payments to popular stars but for a fixed fund.
How does this affect TikTok and Reels? Is short form video a winner take all market?

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I find myself watching way too many food shorts, it’s just so easy to go down a rabbit hole when you have a creator that you enjoy watching
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@joeyhirendernath so you are more of a YT shorts user rather than Reels or TikTok?
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Shorts are so good and addictive.
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@investmenttalk do you also use Reels and TikTok?
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Important move for TikTok and META. Meta should join and really put the heat on TikTok. Both Google and Meta have more resources to fund this on top of both have already established monetization systems (and the know-how) so creators would probably earn more.
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@rihardjarc most likely both of them would follow in a somehow similar manner. Not sure if TikTok has a disadvantage on this though. They can just increase the payouts they pay to creators/stars and maintain their position given the stickiness of its users to the platform.
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I think it's important that YouTube give it a shot. A lot of the big YouTube creators are also on TikTok... It would be a real convergence, actually, if YouTube hit a homerun with shorts because I have heard that lots of young people see TikTok and YouTube as complementary--with TikTok being more casual/fun and YouTube being more relaxing/immersive. Hopefully consumers are receptive?