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Schrödinger Deep Dive
Just wrapped up and published my deep dive into $SDGR. You can read the full article here or get a sense of the company below!

Drugs and materials are a foundational cornerstone for the further advancement of human health and technology. Drugs play a crucial role in managing diseases, lengthening human life spans, and improving the quality of life for humans across the globe. Billions benefit from the advancements our society has made in developing new medications, but the process of developing these drugs is neither short, cheap, nor simple. From the initial concept of a drug, to identifying the appropriate components necessary to manufacture it, to introducing a safe and approved drug that is available to the millions of consumers whose lives could be improved by it, the entire process can take up to a decade and cost billions of dollars.

Most of this is spent in the ‘discovery phase’, the most complex and costly part of the process by far; during this part of the process, researchers determine the molecules or compounds capable of creating the drug, then test them in a series of different scenarios. The majority of potential molecules are determined to be unusable as researchers slowly refine the pool of candidates throughout testing.

The process is very similar for materials sciences, an equally important industry in human society for discovering and optimizing polymers, silicon hardware components, and the metals in our vehicles. Uncovering new materials will continue to play a huge role in allowing technological leaps and opening doors to innovations that reshape industries.

Given the importance of both drugs and materials in benefiting industries and the wellbeing of society as a whole, uncovering new possibilities in both of these spaces should be a top priority. Unfortunately, the discovery phase is so fraught with challenges and the potential combinations of molecules is so vast that traditional lab-based testing methods can only explore a fraction of the potential outcomes. This means that most potential drugs or materials will never see the light of day - the process is simply too time-consuming and costly to test all the potential combinations. But the missed opportunity to build a better world, one could argue, is far more costly to the entire human race.

Enter Schrödinger (Ticker: SDGR), a company leading the way towards a quicker, more efficient way to navigate the discovery phase. The company has developed a highly complex computational software that predicts how molecules will behave and combine with other molecules, in turn allowing researchers to simulate and analyze molecular interactions in a virtual environment. This reduces the need for costly and time-consuming physical experiments while achieving the same results, creating a faster, cheaper, and more efficient drug and material discovery phase. Schrödinger’s platform is paving the way for a future of innovation in some of the world’s most important and society-shaping industries.

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