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Tech on Red Alert?! $SQQQ #7 with $701.24M
Weekly ETF flows from 7/19-7/25 had an ETF listed in the number 7 position that caught my eye.

Last week over $700 million was invested in $SQQQ which is an inverse triple leverage of $QQQ

Now, this shouldn't shock me based on the below headlines that have been increasingly popping up.

and most recently $SHOP


  • When such a large percent of flows are betting against Tech is this a time to join the crowd or do something different?

  • Are there any benefits to Tech companies being more focused on their bottom line?

  • Is this a signal of a recession everyone has been talking about?

  • Should I make any changes as an investor or stay the course?

I'll take the last question since that is an easy one for me...STAY THE COURSE! When everyone is betting against Tech, this is the time to look at your financial plan and do nothing.

"Don't do something, stand there!" - Jack Bogle