What do you think of my portfolio?
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Can see that $TAN is one of your largest holdings, would love to understand and have insight into your reasoning here :)
@joeyhirendernath Bought it in 2018 and was very bullish on solar energy. I'm still bullish ling term but do have my doubts. Would love to hear thoughts about that
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@zili I am not too familiar with $TAN but I think it's a great strategy to gain exposure to the global Solar energy sector through an ETF. I would've also done the same as it takes away the anxiety of individually picking a winner in the space.
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I love your bold stake in $TAN. If you bought in 2018, it looks like you already have a nice return on it. My gut tells me that this could be a wonderful long term play for you as the world continues to push towards renewable energy. I also really like that 9.7% $AMZN position!
@acb123 Thanks for your insights !
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Welcome to Commonstock Roy!

Are you happy with the weighting of TAN?
@investmenttalk I have my doubts to be honest.... What do you think?
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@zili Not familiar with the name! Whats the thesis?
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I am no trader, and a very mediocre investor. But in this market, if I had 26% of my money in solar, I’d definitely be looking to take some off and add to other ideas. If there’s froth left somewhere, it’s probably in a handful of companies, and half of them have to do with something “solar”.

$ENPH is my second largest holding so I’m no bear, just someone trying to be aware of their premium valuations.