D-Local not reporting Q4???
Just came to my attention that D-local hasn’t reported earnings for Q4 yet. They have no filings as to why, no reported date of Q4 earnings release. This would be the first earnings since the muddy waters short report. Is there maybe a reason as to why? $DLO
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Maybe they’re just reporting later this year than they did last year. Last year was their first fiscal year report as a public company so it’s not like they’ve been reporting mid-March for a decade and suddenly breaking a norm. If I were a shareholder, I wouldn’t bat an eye.
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@interrobangbros Ya I’m not a shareholder, just watching. 45 days first 3 quarters after quarter end to file, 90 after fiscal year end if your a Nasdaq listed company. So they have till end of the month is my point. 2 weeks



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