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Do you agree with this 50 stock list?
Name a stock for which you disagree stating the reasoning. We will go first.
$PYPL -> consumer spending could be reduced as the economy slows but we believe that this is already priced in.
Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice.
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$META -> Don't bet against Zuck. The recent headwinds are making them stronger (imo) and eventually their push for VR/AR is going to be seen as a good move (less spending in the ST tho).
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@couch_investor the market reaction on the current headwinds makes the risk/reward very appealing in our opinion.

VR/AR -> for sure it has the resources to push it through but remains to be seen.
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PYPL and META because I am a biased long.

I agree with Etsy though, too unclear on their buyer numbers at the moment. Better waiting to see if they start shedding the buyers they did so well to keep in 2021.
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@investmenttalk we are biased too on PYPL and META 💪
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$PYPL and $BIIB seem like odd companies to bet against. Paypal given its all-encompassing payments nature and Biogen with its incredible pipeline. Most of the rest I somewhat agree with though.
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@dollarsandsense We agree for PYPL, especially after the recent pullback in price. We don’t follow Biogen but would love to hear/read more. Any suggested write-ups?
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That list is just ridiculous has many businesses that are FCF positive and will do well in the long run yet they say “short them or avoid “ if you do that you will either get burned or miss out