Do you prefer DCA or Lumpsum?
I generally invest by DCAing in either up or down trend, but generally lumpsum tends to have greater return. What is your strategy?
Do you prefer DCA or Lumpsum?
27%Mix (Lumpsum first and DCA)
0%Mix (DCA first and lumpsum)
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A bit of both but DCA takes the greater share for me
Preston | Investor Insight's avatar
It all depends if someone has learned TA or reads the charts. If they do not and just invest in strong companies, DCA is the way. If they do learn TA or read charts, lump sum is better so one is not averaging down a bunch.

Personally, I lumpsum as it allows me to be very precise with my entries that are based around strong base formation and a sign of a trend reversal. Until that happens, its best to stay out while the trend remains down.
Investor from Nepal 🇳🇵's avatar
@investorinsight I have 0 idea of TA, but if it works for you it's great. It certainly seems to be aiding on the timing aspect
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@investor_from_nepal I wonder be happy to share some helpful resources if you wish to learn TA.
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I use both. no particular order. I buy when I see opportunity!