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What's the biggest risk to $SQ?
What is the biggest risk to $SQ?
23%Increasing reliance on Bitcoin
29%Poor capital allocation
17 VotesPoll ended on: 1/17/2023
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I am not sure they are currently reliant on Bitcoin, and I am not sure they are becoming more reliant at present. So, I would think jack and capital allocation.
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@investmenttalk Yeah, I get that. My Bitcoin reliance comment was relating back to a lot of the actions $SQ has taken (TBD, bitcoin hardware wallet, bitcoin on the balance sheet, bitcoin selling through cash app, jacks commentary on bitcoin being his life work, my first bitcoin, rebranding to block, spiral)
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Yep if I could vote twice, would be Jack and Capital Allocation as well
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All issues lead back to Jack
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I think the main risk is that they haven’t proved that the business model can be consistently profitable yet.
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Jack goes on Acid Trip and disappears with all the Bitcoin.



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