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SVB crashes
Who is buying $SIVB right now? Hold or buy?
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I own. Am holding but management is obviously a fresh, new concern to me. CEO less than a quarter ago said cash burn was low. Now this. Then he gives an interview today saying he told customers the bank is fine as long as customers tell other customers it's fine and if they don't, that could cause the bank to not be fine. What in the world is this guy doing?
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@interrobangbros the last part of your comment was epic. :D
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Hold or sell. In the long run it will probably be fine but the capital raise is a dilution for shareholders and that's no fun.
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@patwallen @interrobangbros @rihardjarc @jonathanjohnson

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Source: Bloomberg
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@kostofff That explains the 22% drop after-hours.
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Life comes at you fast!
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Woah this escalated quickly



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