Fintech stocks are down over 80% this year: here's why.
I researched the sector to put together this data story:

Here are the highlights from my research:
  1. Many companies are down by over 80%, but $DAVE is down an amazing 97% YTD
  2. It's not just a flight to value stocks. Actually, several fintech companies are declining in revenues. $COIN revenues are down 27% QoQ.
  3. Plus, every company is burning cash. $LMND has margins of -120%!

Would love to hear what you think!
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Loved the visuals on this!
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Great presentation :)

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@nathanworden Thank you! Would love to hear if there's anything I can do to make it better :)
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Great post! As a fintech nerd loved the visuals. I think of this bunch $NU, $SOFI , and $MQ have the best chance of making it. $NU in particular continues to grow users and each new cohort gets more and more profitable. What are your thoughts?
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@ifb_podcast agreed! $NU feels like such a good company. Their CACs are low, they've got a huge market to go after, and they're actually profitable too!