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Number of UK Stores
As per data extracted from Statista and UK Bakery Market Report (WilliamReed) it appears that only Greggs and $SBUX managed to increase the number of stores in UK following the outburst of the pandemic.

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Long Starbucks. Like the new ceo a lot
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Starbucks in this situation looks to be that classic example of antifragility of a Hydra. When one is cut off, two grow back in their place.

Reassuring to sometimes hear stories of companies benefitting from shocks; It is definitely not customary to thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, stressors, risk, and uncertainty.
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I hadn't heard of Greggs, the other chain @stockopine mentioned.

It seems they're a British fast food bakery chain that specializes in breakfast sandwiches. One of their most popular is the bacon breakfast roll. This is bacon and usually some ketchup or HP brown sauce on bread. And if you slather butter on that bread, it's called a "butty." When I first learned about the bacon butty I was kind of confused because, as an American, a bacon and butter sandwich sounds a bit nauseating. But British bacon is different than in the U.S. It's more meaty and less greasy. 🥓🥓 Oh, and you can purchase shares of Greggs on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:GRG)

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Spot on @tomato and fantastic picture 😋. It is a publicly listed company and it recently transformed into a food to go chain rather than just a simple bakery.