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Quote from an investing legend.
“Maintaining a 3-5 year horizon for your stock market investments should give you a large advantage over most investors. It is also the minimum time frame for any meaningful comparison of the risks and results of alternative investment strategies.”

  • Joel Greenblatt
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Great quote, I think most investors have a time horizon of between 3-5 months.
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@reasonableyield and that is what makes markets inefficient in the short term = opportunities to capture alpha for us long term investors (if we do our homework/research)
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Love this. Most people are unfortunately stuck in this mindset of "getting rich quick" but oftentimes when you make money quick, it slips through your hands quick. Better to give a longer time frame!
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@sidnistandard Sidni, I definitely agree! It goes along with one of my favorite sayings… “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”

I always try to think… where do I picture this business in 5 or 10 years from now.
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Even 3 years seems short, but it is true as most right now only watch for the next quarter...