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Scoreboard Buy of the Week - $RICK
Above my 2% cash target in my Roth IRA, so it is time to buy.

Had a number of holdings tied at the top of my Scorecard at 4.5/7. This is a relatively low score, but I am giving things time to play out and evolve with the 7th KPI being recently added. The two things that are hurting $RICK scorecard score are price performance and dividend yield. Share price has dropped nearly 25% since I started the position in January and dividend is still low, but growing.

$RICK held the tie breaker as most underweight over other 4.5 scorers $EMB, $CSX, $LQD, $OZK, $CARR and $VWO.

Average Cost Basis from $95.16 to $85.18.

PADI from $280.70 to $280.91

Type: Buy
August 27, 2023
$RICK - RCI Hospitality Holdings Inc
1 share @ $65.19 per share
Scorecard Buy
Scorecard Score - 4.5/7

Cost Basis Rank - 0. Average cost basis performance is down 41.89% compared to the S&P 500.
FCF Rank - +1. Dividend to FCF is at 4.88%. Lots of room to continue to grow the dividend.
Conviction Rank - +0.5. Medium.
Dividend Yield - 0. Dividend Yield of 0.32% is less than portfolio average of 2.67%.
Dividend Growth - +1. 1 Year DGR of 18.75% and 3 Year DGR of 13.48% are higher than portfolio medians of 5.88% and 3.83%.
Weighting - +1. Underweight by 1.3% vs target weighting.
P/E - +1. P/E of 16.02 is less than portfolio median P/E of 21.96 and S&P 500 P/E of 23.46.

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