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Why Texas Instruments ($TXN) is a Top Dividend Stock | Growth Investing 2023
Dividend Stocks have been on fire in 2022.

Texas Instruments has built a great business going back decades.

Lucas Downey shares why Texas Instruments $TXN is a top dividend stock for 2023.


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Really enjoyed the video. Great to see their FCF trajectory and track record for dividend growth.
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@joeyhirendernath They really have done well for shareholders. I wish I owned more!
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Little tip for you. If you remove the picture in this memo, and place the YouTube link first, people can watch the video directly from their feed (as the video will be the thumbnail).

Otherwise, people can still watch it, they just have to click into the memo first. Like this.

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@investmenttalk great feedback. For a moment I thought I was going to be invited on your new YT channel! Ha good to know. I will edit!
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Love the walkthrough of their investor relations page— awesome graph of their reduced share count:
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