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Nov - Dec Option trades I did. $RIOT, $MARA, $VICR, $VRT, $PLTR, $FSR, $CAMT, $NTNX, $SE
OK.. I have been forced to move my trading account over to IBKR from TDA. So last month I was just busy with closing off, kicking my options further out to create a window to facilitate the transfer. I had to cut loss on some counters due to margin calculation differences etc. However, I’m unable to link my IBKR Pro account to CS, so my trades can’t be seen at the moment. Reached out the tech team but no responses as they are busy with Yahoo’s integration probably.

Nevertheless, I will try to give short notes on what I did for Nov.
  1. $RIOT - Purchased a mixed of sell Calls with strike around $10.5, $11, $11.5 across different weeks. I also have a sell put to pick up Riot at $10 strike. Slightly riskier trade as Riot is volatile, but the premium good. So, I’ll watch this more frequently to manage it.
  2. $MARA – I had purchased physical shares on this counter so I will be doing sell Calls with strikes around $10.5, $11, $11.5 across different weeks.
  3. $VICR – I got assignment of this stock due to a bad news report, it fell from $5x to $3x. So I will actively do sell calls on this to eventually sell it away. Sell calls will be around $45, If I recover the losses, I will move the strike to $40.
  4. $VRT – I have sell put at $32.5 strike for Nov and Dec. Just waiting for it to expire worthless.
  5. $PLTR – I have a sell put due 17 Nov at $15.5 strike it should end up worthless and premiums will be in pocket.
  6. $FSR- My sell call at $7.5 (Nov) and $8 (Dec) should expire worthless since the delay in reporting drove the price down. I am still stocking up on the physical shares when it hit my limit entry price.
  7. $CAMT – I had some physical shares but I got a little worried due to the gaza issue as their plant is in the northern area. So I sold at slight loss but the share only went down for about 2-3 weeks or so and it’s at ~$64. But I do have sell put at $35 and $45 strike which should end up worthless and I get to keep the premium. If there are opportunity, I will buy back some shares for holding.
  8. $NTNX – I had a $27.5 sell put which should expire worthless given that the share price had run up.
  9. $SE – I had a sell call at $50 strike with expiry date in Dec.

That’s all for now!

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