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$FVRR Job quits rate is up and I’m wondering if FVRR sits in an opportune position to capitalize on it. Or am I wrong to assume FVRR can benefit from it. Any knowledgeable bulls or bears around this community care to dive in?
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I know that @pessen @sammeciar and @joryko own this stock, as well as @beaver_cap and @stonkmetal :)
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@joeyhirendernath They definitely benefit. Job tenures fall and people are looking to be independant. This trend will continue and especially digital services will become increasingly imporant.
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@joeyhirendernath they absolutely do! here from Q4 transcript: (he was making comparisons to how computing migrated to cloud)

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The theory makes sense to me— 4.5 million people quit their job in March.

And Fiverr isn’t like Uber, the work on Fiverr is much more creative and individualized. So I’d lean towards yes.

Similar question— will Etsy benefit from the great resignation for the same reason? People wanting to make money but in a way that is more creative and individualized?

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@nathanworden I've got a position in $ETSY and $FVRR in part because of the reasons you laid out. Seems like a long term trend of people wanting to quit the standard 9-5 grind and go with alternative work arrangements. I hope $FVRR and $ETSY can capitalize on that.
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@pessen yeah it seems like it makes sense for a lot of people. My one concern would be can people make enough on themselves platforms for it to be sustainable.
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Hey all. I agree with each one of your viewpoints. The only thing that I finally now realize, is that none of the bulls (incl me) are taking into account how much additional expense it’s taking for these business to grow their revenues. sbc, s&m, general admin…if a business needs $100m to generate $100m…what’s the point? If they can’t show operating leverage post a covid boost, when can they?
PS I’m long(a lot less long now! 🙃) both $ETSY and $FVRR and kicking myself for not selling out in 2021, and even 2022…at one point both were near or touched $300!!! 💨
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Man, I hear you. I had conviction in U while it was up and didn’t sell. So stupid. Now it’s at all time lows and the obvious realization is there I screwed up.