Dear all,

I run 2 portfolios: one semi-active and one passive.

From the passive side: a passive auto-pilot & cheap (0.49% fee) way to be positive in 2022 & outperform the S&P 500 in the last 3 years (5y & 10y also if you go longer back in time): US CASH COWS 100 ETF

  • +5.4% with huge inflows in 2022

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  • 3-years view: note how it fell less during the Covid indiscriminate selling crash & outperformed after big time: +71% vs 35%

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[Past performance is no guarantee of future results] ... but they are worth it to be showcased especially in turbulent periods ...

Have a great day!

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Up 5% would feel amazing right now with how the market has done. Major props!