$KLIC FY Q4 2021 Earnings Beat and Raise... Again
$KLIC with another beat and raise Q.

FYQ1 rev/EPS guide beat by 12% and 22%. Most likely light on these numbs too.

Triple digit rev/EPS growth only goes so far when a downturn is perpetually priced in.

First Quarter Fiscal 2022 Outlook
The Company currently expects net revenue in the first fiscal quarter of 2022, ending January 1, 2022, to be approximately $460 million, +/- $20 million, and expects non-GAAP EPS to be approximately $1.88, +/- 10%.

This revenue outlook is very similar to the fourth fiscal quarter expectations provided on August 4, 2021.

Looking forward, Fusen Chen commented, "We continue to efficiently support strong, ongoing and broad demand across our served end-markets. Throughout fiscal 2022, we anticipate ongoing industry expansion and also rapid growth of our emerging portfolio of solutions which directly addresses semiconductor, electric vehicle, and advanced LED assembly challenges."

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Down a few $ in premarket = my chance to avg down🤤
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"Buy the rumor sell the news." The stock has run up about 30% since mid-October on news that $KLIC was increasing its dividend (to $0.17 per share) and also likely in anticipation of this quarterly report so I wouldn't be surprised to see the stock falling a bit today and possibly in the coming weeks. Looks like a decent report!
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@tomato stock doesn't trade off the dividend and could you explain why mid October is the right time frame to analyze returns? It's down materially from September.

Stock trades off expectations around the back end cycle
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Hi @chasinggreatness, you definitely know a lot more about $KLIC than I do. :) As you know stocks trade up and down based on all kinds of information, though in general I'd agree this one probably tends not to trade too much off the dividend since its yield is only about 1%. I merely used mid-October as a reference point because it was on October 18 that the company announced a dividend hike (https://investor.kns.com/2021-10-18-Kulicke-Soffa-Raises-Quarterly-Dividend-by-21) and we subsequently saw a 26% rise in the stock price.