Print It, Study it!
Wanted to share this chart of $FDMT up ~80% since Friday's close & more than 100% since Thursday's close. I missed this trade since I didn't screen this past weekend, however it would have came up on one of my screens. Nevertheless, this is the perfect type of bread and butter setup I love using a high volume edge. I don't chase so for me I sidelined this one after seeing it on Monday, but even still this name provided opportunities to catch it and scale out slowly. Since I do trade off of intra-day charts, I will definitely be studying this one closely on an intraday TF and I love doing so using TradingView's replay feature. These high volume edge opportunities present themselves constantly even when the generalmarket is down. Print it, study it, study it again, master it.

P.S - Mastering this setup is very difficult & requires much more attention, so with that being said- this will come back down to earth at some point, and it's good to keep it on a watchlist for a potential subsequent move.

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