Just saw someone have an opinion of ABNB buying PINS to bolster its digital side of the business since people use Pinterest for home ideas and vacation plans. Honestly not a terrible idea at all
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Those are two very different companies, I don’t see the management of that acquisition going well or the competitive benefits it offers either. But is an interesting idea
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@dividenddollars oh I can’t see it either lol. Kind of one of those ideas that if it happens am I mad no but like it’s out there for sure
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@dividenddollars again it’s not the craziest idea..https://www.igms.com/use-pinterest-to-promote-your-airbnb-listing/ I could see it working . Again just talking crazy cause it’s not gonna happen but there’s a benefit to both
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How would the two crossover for the end user?
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@redhead use Pinterest to promote your ABNB rental and any other ideas you may have. Pinterest is potentially a better social media then Facebook. Uses a different method that would be better for ABNB purposes. Not sure how the specifics would work exactly but I could see it as a positive
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That acquisition does not make sense to me, why do you think it would be a good idea? Could be interesting to combine potential decorations of Airbnb with Pinterest marketplace.
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@greencandleit I think you could use Pinterest marketplace to help promote ABNB rentals and ideas. Again it’s a crazy idea. Not gonna happen but just curious since ABNB is a top holding for me
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Considering that it's the trend for companies to acquire media companies to boost their marketing efforts, $ABNB acquiring $PINS would seem smarter than having to recreate their own social media platform.
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Waste of money if you ask me and I own both. If it's about promoting ABNB, they could very well just use that $ for marketing. Hosts will use Pinterest to promote their own place (if they're smart).

As for Pinterest, no reason to get acquired by them other than lost hope.
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@couch_investor yeah I agree it’s definitely a stretch and not needed. Like you said hosts can just use Pinterest to promote their place if they are smart. I was only kind of thinking about it to boost ABNB digital side of their business but then again they have made major strides recently in that area
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PINS has a great balance sheet and continues to boost its ADPU, but it’s staying power is questionable. I just don’t personally see how they pivot their business model to bring back the premium valuation it received during COVID $PINS
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@redhead yeah they definitely have their own issues to work through over at Pinterest