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Pairing #2 of round 2
Which of the following companies is higher quality?
50%Constellation Software
24 VotesPoll ended on: 06/16/22
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This is the first time I've heard of Constellation Software. Reading about it on Wikipedia, it reminds me of those companies that seek growth through acquisition.

I say $RACE is higher quality due to its strong brand.
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@dissectmarkets Constellation is acquisitive but they're more seeking ROC and compounding than growth and so in that regard they're much more like Berkshire Hathaway. Their discipline and execution are mind blowing and president and founder Mark Leonard is a legend. It's definitely worth taking a look at his letters to shareholders: https://www.csisoftware.com/category/pres-letters
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@dissectmarkets It's great to see that thanks to this contest you got to know Constellation Software
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$RACE is a better business, but Constellation is better managed imo.
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$RACE better win
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Did you guys watch the CMD today? @youngmoneycapital @paulcerro